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Welcome to the Stochastic Resonance home page in Perugia (Italy)

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Review article

Stochastic Resonance
Luca Gammaitoni, Peter Hanggi, Peter Jung, Fabio Marchesoni
Rev. Mod. Phys. 70, 223-288 January (1998).

download the abstract and the table of contents here (revmodp.zip, 44 KB)
download the entire paper in PS (1280 KB) or PDF (959 KB)format.

The Stochastic Resonance phenomenon

The last few years have seen an extraordinary growth of interest in Stochastic Resonance and related topics. As a number of new researchers entered the field, the need for exchange of new results has become pressing. To meet such a request we decided to set up an e-print server node where the most recent results can be made available.

E-Print Submission instructions
Preprint on Stochastic Resonance and related topics can be submitted via anonymous ftp at "www.pg.infn.it" or using the uploading facility of Netscape 2.0 (or later) (upload directory: /upload/sr/).

Preprint should be in PS or EPS format with figures included or in LATEX format with separate figures in EPS. Name and address of the submitter and title of the preprint shoul be sent by e-mail, in a separate file, to Gammaitoni@perugia.infn.it. Availability of preprints on the SR E-print server will be mantained until publication and, anyway, not longer than six moths. Authors are personally responsible for the contents of the preprints.

On-line information on SR

This service is maintained by Luca Gammaitoni; gammaitoni@perugia.infn.it

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